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Christie Latona

Creating people-based strategies and approaches to thrive is Christie Latona's specialty. With more than fifteen years of personal development and systems-thinking experience, she has taught, coached, and collaborated with countless types of individuals and organizations. At the heart of Christie’s work is strengths-based development of people. In the organizational development realm, she is known for her work with Eli Goldratt on developing and teaching the TOC Thinking Processes (a logic and intuition-based process for root-cause analysis and strategic planning). Christie is certified in several assessments that can be used to: select, develop and retain talent; build effective teams; define roles based on key, measurable attributes; improve understanding and communication. She has been the secret weapon used by boards of directors, business units, corporate planning groups and individuals to develop and implement strategies that unlimit growth.

Christie is constantly finding ways to help people adopt perspectives and do things that are most needed to ensure success. Her latest project, One Hat At A Time, will be available in Spring 2004. It is a deck of fully illustrated cards that prompt people to get unstuck and reengaged in tasks and responsibilities that are important. Another project in the works is a practical leadership program she is developing in conjunction with Chesapeake Consulting to address the core issues that prevent leaders from successfully supporting improvement efforts that last.

She graduated from Swarthmore College with honors and her affiliations include the International Coaching Federation and Coachville where she is both a founding member and part of the R&D Team. She lives in Silver Spring, MD with her husband, Peter, and their three children: Melina, Andrew, and Christopher.


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