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The Sounding Board…a place for idea enhancement, issue clarification and feedback. At Greatness Unlimited, we understand that there is real value to having someone serve as an impartial sounding board for ideas, thoughts and/or issues.

Under Pressure

???: In my world, I have many demands put on my time. How do I go about prioritizing what I should do with my time so that I don't procrastinate on significant tasks.

Response: One by-product of our "instant" age is people feeling under pressure to do more, respond more, be more to more people. This is accelerated by the fact that in most organizations, people are trying to accomplish more with fewer resources. You already seem to recognize the need to prioritize so that you are better able to respond to things appropriately. Perhaps you need an even stronger sense of what tasks are "absolute yes" so that you are better able to say "no" or "not now" to the rest. Procrastinating on the important stuff can often be the result of not having the important tasks defined in manageable pieces (so we do that which is manageable first) OR that we are aren't engaged with the important stuff. We have developed a self-coaching tool, ONE HAT AT A TIME, to address the latter issue.

If you are interested in learning more, please view the product online.

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