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Q: Do you focus more on strengths or weaknesses when trying to develop people?
A: Strengths-based potential development. We are passionate about realizing potential in people and people-based systems. We believe that people and organizations grow faster and stronger when focusing on building and positioning strengths while weeding out beliefs, policies, behaviors or attitudes that are choking or limiting growth.

Q: What is the best way of ensuring that an investment in an improvement effort is time and money well spent?
A: Impact focusing. The best way of ensuring a high return on investment is to understand what is really most limiting the system and then investing on improving that. What is one area that is most limiting you or the system you are working/living in? The area where, if you focused improvement efforts on it, your performance and/or effectiveness would be significantly improved? If you know the answers to the above, have you done anything about it? If you don ’t know the answers, do you have a process for getting the right ones--even in complex environments? We have processes and tools for helping people and their systems to get a bigger bang for the buck

Q: What have you found to be the most important step in any improvement or development effort?
A: Situational and strategic clarifying. We tell it like it is. When is the last time that you looked clearly at your situation? At the choices you are making? When have you had a partner in the process that is not involved in the situation or intimately related to you? How much easier would it be to address the real issues, not just the ones that have been sanitized, white washed or rationalized? Too often precious time, money and energy are spent on the wrong areas which yields minimal results and little learning. Our coaches excel in clarifying situations and strategies so that your understanding, actions and results improve.

Q: What is the difference between Coaching and Consulting?
A: While there can be significant areas of overlap one of the clearest distinctions we make is Covert vs. Overt. As coaches we leave our clients firmly in the driver ’s seat without ever wrestling for the wheel. We act as silent success partners. We look to draw out and clarify the wisdom inherent in our clients. We are expert at drawing it out and analyzing it instead of being expert on whatever the “it” is. This approach allows the organization to recognize the client for who they are, not the coach.



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