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What is it about Greatness Unlimited that makes us uniquely qualified to be in the Thriving business? We get that thriving is a process and a destination. It is about

Strengths-based Potential Developing
We are passionate about realizing potential in people and people-based systems. We believe that people and organizations grow faster and stronger when focusing on building and positioning strengths while weeding out beliefs, policies, behaviors or attitudes that are choking or limiting growth.

Impact Focusing
What is one area that is most limiting you or the system you are working/living in? The area where, if you focused improvement efforts on it, your performance and/or effectiveness would be significantly improved? If you know the answers to the above, have you done anything about it? If you don’t know the answers, do you have a process for getting the right ones--even in complex environments? We have processes and tools for helping people and their systems to get a bigger bang for the buck

Situational and Strategic Clarifying
We tell it like it is. When is the last time that you looked clearly at your situation? At the choices you are making? When have you had a partner in the process that is not involved in the situation or intimately related to you? How much easier would it be to address the real issues, not just the ones that have been sanitized, white washed or rationalized? Too often precious time, money and energy are spent on the wrong areas which yields minimal results and little learning. Our coaches excel in clarifying situations and strategies so that your understanding, actions and results improve.

Applying Analytical and Behavioral Expertise
Often solutions are inadequate because they don’t incorporate information in a logical, systematic way and/or they don’t account for the softer realities of human behavior and performance. For example, what questions do we need good answers to in order to determine if we have a good fit between a job and talent? What is the job? (key accountabilities) Can the person do the job (skills) How will the person do the job? (values) Will the person do the job? (attitude/mindset) We have tools that have been successfully used to benchmark, describe, analyze and compare that also provide structure and suggestions for developing the talent once they are selected. This is just one example of how we apply our analytical and behavioral expertise to organizations.



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